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Are you tired of endless rehearsals without getting gigs? Do you get frustrated knowing other bands are out every weekend while you wait around for weeks or even months to get a gig?


“Top gig-getting tips…you’ll be playing more shows in no time” -

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Imagine knowing how to get gigs whenever you want them. Band Gigs this year, next year and every year from now on

Gig-Getter: How to get more gigs than you can play is a proven step-by-step guide for amateur or semi-pro bands and musicians

Its easy-to-follow system will show you clearly how to identify, attract and keep playing regularly at as many bars, clubs and other fee-paying venues as you want

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Here's what you'll discover:


• Why you don’t need to attract or pay a music agency

• Working out what to charge & how to get people to pay it

• Secret ways to use information about other acts to get gigs worth £000’s for your own - year after year

• How to make sure you’re good enough before you step on stage
• How to understand and use your act’s real strengths & use them to get gigs
• Easy ways to get audiences to come to your gigs
• Where to find gigs & how to approach potential venues
• How to keep the venue sold so you can get gigs there time after time
• How to get interested venue bookers to CALL YOU!
• How anyone can create a memorable live show every time
• Discover the easiest, cheapest & most effective ways of getting your name known to venues
• 3 simple questions you can use to get gig after gig from people you’ve never even met
• Insider secrets to feeling confident as you sell your act to people
• When & exactly how to ask for repeat gigs - and how to increase your prices
• How to create a unique demo which gets noticed, listened to and acted on
• And a whole lot more
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From the School Fete to the Hard Rock Cafe
My name's Gareth Bird and I run my own Sales & Marketing business which is credited with sales of more than £100M for companies I've worked with. Musically, I'm pretty much a novice who only began playing bass guitar 4 years ago when I was asked to join friends in a local band

At that time they were playing a handful of local charity and school fete appearances a year along with the occasional bar. They were in real danger of splitting up due to lack of gigs. The guitars, drums and other gear they'd bought were looking like they'd never even pay for themselves.

I decided I had to try and use what I knew about marketing in the business world and see if it could be applied to getting gigs. I had no contacts in the music industry at that point and the band didn't even have a web site.

Over a period of months, through trial and error, I developed a system which transformed the band from something of a local joke into regular performers at places like the Hard Rock Café. A band with a continually full gig diary.

One weekend we played 3 gigs in under 24hours and the other band members were literally begging me to ease up on the band bookings.

It got to the stage where the exposure for the band in our area reached such a level that one major national music agency tracked us down, tried to sign us, and actually asked:

“You guys are everywhere. Who’s behind you?”

Since then I've written about how to get gigs for several major musician's magazines like Total Guitar, Bass Guitar and Reverb. For the record, my band still remain independent of any agency and until very recently I still used only a second-hand copy guitar which cost under £200

But I'm not telling you all this just to brag. Getting more gigs than you can play is something you'll easily be able to do for yourself with the know-how I share in Gig-Getter.


Why Gig-Getter is different

* It's written by a Sales & Marketing professional. Someone who's taught hundreds of people in more than 15 countries around the world how to get gigs for their bands. I share a wealth of marketing experience in a way that can easily be used by anyone who wants to fill their gig diary but doesn’t know where to start. All you need is the openness and motivation to try this deceptively simple system

* This is a proven system still used by an active semi-pro band member - not some out of date theories dreamed up by an ex-musician. These same Techniques have been used to secure regular gigs at places like the Hard Rock Cafe (my band were asked to name our own dates there again last year)

* I'm a barely adequate guitarist. Living proof in fact that frequent gigs don't have to be down to great musicianship. Not only that, but I'm a grandfather in his late 40's. Imagine the amount of gigs someone with age and/or real talent on their side could secure

* Gig-Getter is all about how to get gigs and nothing else. There's no irrelevant info about finding band mates or getting record deals

* The hard copy version is 90 pages long. This is no weighty text book of theory. It's a straightforward system any musician can quickly start benefiting from

* I've aimed Gig-Getter solely at semi-pros and amateurs. Even if you've never gigged before you can start getting regular and frequent work

* The system is priced at a "one-off" tiny fraction of the continual commission an agent would endlessly extract from your band



What the Music press are saying about Gig-getter:

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get more gigs - total guitar

“Top gig-getting tips…you’ll be playing more shows in no time”Total Guitar

“Full of useful tips on how to organise and sell your band to promoters and press…..consider it a wake-up call”Guitar & Bass Magazine

get more gigs - guitar and bass
get more gigs - music mart

"Covers everything from finding potential venues then successfully approaching them.…to keeping venues sold so they book you time after time……readers will be able to steal a march on their rivals”Performing Musician

"Excellent” Bass Guitar

get more gigis - bass guitar
get more gigs - guitar magazine

“Feels like a labour of love, written by someone with genuine experience….filled with advice and ideas on how to market your band”Guitar Buyer

“Get more gigs with Gig-Getter…..informative and practical steps to help any band get all the gigs they desire” – Guitar Techniques

get more gigs - guitar techniques
get more gigs - play music

"A fresh perspective…impressed me a great deal” - Play Music

“Fantastic!’s about time someone did this”  - Play Pick-up Magazine




And here’s what Gig-Getter readers are saying….

"Your points and method all make perfect've given me a lot more confidence" - Maurie B. Queensland (

"Great tips and information" - James G. London


get more gigs - play pickup






“An excellent book….valuable information” Michael A.  Richmond, Virginia

  "Invaluable information..Would benefit even the most established acts. A must read for any band looking for gigs" - Shane S. Dublin, Ireland (

“I thought that I should finally write and just let you know how useful I have found your book.  The responsibility for getting gigs has fallen to me (because if it was left to the others we'd never play!) and I didn't really have a clue about how to go about it.  Your book helped to give me a lot of confidence, particularly around phoning venues to try and get gigs. Despite only having been gigging for 4 months we now have regular work…- I guess you do know what you're talking about!”  – Nick H.  Exeter  

"I really recommend Gig-Getter" - Karl D. Leeds

“Packed with useful advice…thanks for writing the book” – Kim W. Topsham (

 “A sort of Bible”   – Chris G. Glasgow

 “Thanks for all your help and for the excellent book”.  - Clive M. Warwick (

  “Best I’ve read on the subject”Simon C. Cardiff (

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your excellent book…. just by getting ourselves a little more organised and doing a little research (on venues and other bands in the area) we suddenly find that we are booked up to play throughout every weekend in June !!!

Being based in Cambridge there are a great many student type bands in the area and the city centre venues cater mainly for that audience.  As an aged 40+ band (i.e. old enough to know better!), we found it a struggle to get bookings………

All the best and thanks again for a great book”Paul K. Cambridge(5 days after receiving his copy of Gig-Getter)


So how much is this going to cost me?

Well let me ask you this. How much you think you've lost in pleasure and gig money on the nights you've stayed home or watched other bands play live this year instead of gigging yourself?

I keep being told I could charge a lot more for this proven system but I don't like the thought of other musicians out there being unable to play live. Ultimately perhaps, giving up music altogether just because they don't know how to get enough gigs and make it pay

So here's what I've tried to do. I've priced Gig-Getter so just one gig at the lowest sort of fees a bar would pay you, covers your investment more than 10 times over. Just one gig every month for the next year at that sort of venue alone would give you something like a hundred and twenty times the price of your investment in Gig-Getter.

But with what I'll show you, you'll be able to do far, far better than that. Both in terms of numbers and quality of gigs.

So I'm going to hold my introductory price of just £14.97 for a few more weeks. For that, I'll show you how to get gig after gig for your band in bars, clubs and other fee paying venues this year, next year and every year for as long as you want


**Special Bonus** - If you order today and then subscribe to our Free Newsletter you'll qualify for one of a limited number of Personal Coaching opportunities. With this you can submit specific questions you may still have about getting gigs for your band directly to me. I'll then answer your questions and give you personal guidance via the monthly newsletter


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Try Gig-Getter out 100% Risk-Free for 3 full months yourself. If after using the techniques it falls short of your expectations in any way just return it in its original condition and get your money back. It’s that simple because I know this system can work for you too.

In fact, if you don't think Gig-Getter made you MORE THAN TEN TIMES WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT after you've used it for three months, just ask me for a refund.

You have nothing to lose (and a diary full of gigs along with the pleasure and income from playing them, to gain)

But you need to ACT FAST because these are the last few weeks at the old price and I'm not certain I want every band in every town to have this information anyhow.

Don't let other bands get all the bookings. If you're serious about getting gigs - order your Gig-Getter now!


YES, I want more gigs than I can play!

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